The best tool to optimize workflows of creators.

We develop a proprietary technology called (subseqnth).

(subseqnth) is a software technology that assists creators in optimizing their workflows.


The name of the technology is inspired by electronic music,
where the (sub)stance is sound samples and commands,
which are recorded and transformed by a (seq)uencer
then materialized by sy(nth)esizers.

Parentheses ‘( )’ are a reference to functional programming, an ingredient in the technology’s secret sauce.

(subseqnth) is a registered trademark.


The technology makes it possible to intuitively optimize the workflows of creators.

It automatically extracts substance from one or more data sources, transforms it with a set of algorithms and materializes it in different forms.

These workflows can be edited as scripts (low-code) or visual diagrams (no-code) with an editor.

The user experience of the technology is carefully designed to be as simple, visual and interactive as possible, in order to support the iterative nature of the workflows of creators.


The technology makes it possible to automatically generate all the source code and resources needed to visualize and interact with the workflows and their results on many platforms, such as game engines, web browsers, mobile applications, embedded systems and audiovisual content production softwares.


The technology is in beta and we are looking for creators who can help us to make it evolve with new workflows.

You work with data in motion?

Which evolves over time?

You value the idea of optimizing your workflows?

Contact us, Subséquent can help you.